Yan’s Boneless Lechon | Lechon With A European Twist

A homegrown lechon with a european twist, Yan’s Boneless Lechon is taking this Filipino party staple to the next level. Crispy — almost chicharon like skin and the flavorful meat makes Yan’s a local favorite.

Yan's Boneless Lechon

Yan’s Boneless Lechon

Started from a group of friends who wanted to make their own lechon at home, Yan’s is now one of the well received lechon spots in Davao City.

They first opened a store in Calinan in the hopes that this will help bolster the economy and tourism in the outskirts of the city.

Their main goal was to serve everyone an affordable and tasty lechon.

For as low as 65 pesos you can get yourself a meal of lechon with rice.

Making Yan’s Boneless Lechon in Calinan a major hit!

Yan’s Menu

Aside from their boneless lechon they also have other items on the menu.

Lechon Paksiw

Our favorite lechon paksiw! 🙂

We just can’t get enough of Yan’s Lechon Paksiw because it’s a blend of the right amount of sweet and savory flavors.

It is the kind of lechon paksiw that demands an extra cup of rice!


A new twist to the sinuglaw is the kinchon or a mix of kinilaw and lechon.

Yan's Boneless Lechon

Boneless Lechon Price

Yan’s sells their boneless lechon for 550 pesos per kilo.

You can also buy whole boneless lechon belly but the price will depend on the weight.

If you opt for a small portion good for a meal then get their lechon set for just 65 pesos with rice.

Yan’s Boneless Lechon Location and Store Hours

Located across SM Lanang Premier for dine in and take out customers.

They are open everyday from 2pm to 12mn.

And Matina Aplaya for take-out and whole orders

For orders & reservations you may call the following numbers 09998891374; 09274767672; 09306197163



Their super crispy and juicy lechon makes Yan’s Boneless Lechon #BaratoRecommended.

Yan's Boneless Lechon

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