UIC-ITE Program wins U:Hack TechUp Agri Competition

TechUp Agri is what happens when we make use of the latest technology to help stop the declining trend in the agricultural sector in the Philippines.

Over 20 teams from different schools and industries joined the event and UIC-ITE bagged first place in the hackathon which aims to provide digital solutions to pressing concerns that our farmers and fishermen face today.

U:Hack x TechUp Agri

The event lasted for 2 days from August 25 to 26 at Enderun, Azuela Cove, Davao City.

Participants in TechUp Agri were tasked to create a digital system to help the Agricultural sector of the Philippines.

TechUp recognizes the need for farmers to be empowered with technologically advanced systems since most of them are still using traditional methods that limits their yield.

Systems such as these will surely help the agriculture industry to provide a stable food supply in the country and help more Filipinos bring food to their tables.

20 teams had to create their own program from scratch.

From there 10 teams were given a chance to take the spotlight and pitch their systems.

Here are TechUp Agri top 10 teams:

  • DATA
  • GAHH
  • KASH
  • ONL

Among the final 10 teams, only the top 3 teams were deemed to be the winners.

Incognito wins TechUp Agri Hackathon

University of the Immaculate Conception – ITE Program, emerged on top of the other 20 teams who joined the <U:Hack> Hackathon competition.

They made a system that monitors water temperature in fish ponds to prevent fish mortality from rising due to changes in the weather.

INCOGNITO’s prototype is connected to solenoid valves and uses RaspberryPi.

When connected to the internet, the sensor feeds data to the mobile app.

The current water temperature in the pond will appear in the app interface.

If the sensor detects that temperature is exceeding the threshold, valves will automatically open to neutralize the water temperature.

The TechUp Agri grand winner, Team Incognito from UIC-ITE — Xavier Eric Papacoy, Clifford Vander Buot, Harryn Glyde Llait, Christian Miguel Dorado & Ceasar Ian Benablo aced the competition.

TechUp Agri is collaboration of companies like Unionbank and Traxion, private stakeholders and the government.

We are hoping that the ideas gathered in TechUp Agri would result in a wave of significant improvements in our country’s agricultural sector.

For more information on TechUp Pilipinas, please contact info@techuppilipinas.com.

Photos from BaratoTech and Ceasar Ian Benablo.

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