Sukidesu | Budget Japanese Street Dining Experience

Japanese food is expensive — wrong! Swing by Sukidesu near Roxas Night Market in Davao City and find delicious Japanese food all below 100 pesos. Feast on their huge serving of maki, tasty ramen, and leave some room for desserts without breaking the bank.


Sukidesu Modern Japanese Cuisine

Offering a legit Japanese experience at a Pinoy price, one can never go wrong with Sukidesu.

Just a stone’s throw away from Roxas Night Market, this restaurant is a must visit for those craving for a late night Japanese  food fix.


Sukidesu Menu and Price

Sukidesu means I like it. Speaking of like here’s a run down of our favorite’s.

We fell in love with Sukidesu because of their Maki.

They have huge servings, great modern japanese taste, and prices range from 75 to 105 pesos!

We personally love the Digong Maki and Mt. Apo Maki and all our friends agree with us making this the crowd favorite.

Digong Maki (P105)

Digong Maki is the right mix of savory and creamy flavors from the generous cream cheese filling, tuna salad topping, and siracha sauce.


Mt. Apo Maki (P99)

Mt. Apo Maki also has cream cheese and tuna filling but it is balanced out by a refreshing slice of cucumber and the crunchy breading.



Love Ramen?

You’ll go gaga over the ramen in Sukidesu priced at 85 to 90 pesos!

The thick tasty broth coats your mouth like a warm hug.

The noodles are not soggy and the eggs are perfectly cooked!

I was so excited when I saw the eggs on the ramen because I knew that these are really hard to cook and they aced it here!

Kani Salad (P45)

This humble salad is usually overlooked by most Japanese restaurants thinking that it is nothing but a side dish.

But this one in Sukidesu is made with such care and tastes insanely good that I am willing to go back just for this Kani Salad!

A perfect balance of fresh greens, creamy Japanese mayo, and sweet mango. Yum! 🙂



Cap your meal with these desserts for just 65 to 75 pesos!

We love the Japanese inspired desserts like Banana Katsu and Tempura Ice Cream.


And if you come by Sukidesu this Kadayawan don’t miss this Durian Ice Cream Dessert!


Other Best Sellers

There are loads of other options for you to choose from and the best part is most of these are below 100 pesos!

Which means you can easily go out for a dinner date and have a meal for two for just 300 pesos.

Price List

Here’s the current menu and price of Sukidesu Modern Japanese Cuisine.


Sukidesu Location and Store Hours

The restaurant is open every Monday to Saturday 5:00 PM to 12:00 Midnight.

They are located in 679 Aurora Quezon Street, Davao City.

The restaurant is near Roxas Night Market.

Here’s a map to the location.

sukidesu location


A legit Japanese Street Dining experience at #Barato price makes Sukidesu Modern Japanese Cuisine  #BaratoRecommended.


Craving to try Sukidesu Modern Japanese Cuisine?

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