Sonnen Berg Mountain View | Sea of Clouds in Davao

Witnessing the sea of clouds in Sonnen Berg is like being in a dream. Just an hour and 30 minute drive from Davao City, this #BaratoRecommended place is a must visit if you want to witness the beautiful view of the mountain ranges blanketed with clouds.

Sea of Clouds

The sight of the sea of clouds is such a spectacle to most people especially those from the city.

This rare view of mother nature is like a work of art. Painted across the valley is a huge blanket of clouds as if comforting the sleepy mountain ranges below it.

Be sure to be there early or you will miss the sea of clouds. The best time to view it is between 5am to 8am which means that you have to be on your way to Sonnen Berg as early as 3am from Davao City.

Sonnen Berg Mountain View

The place was originally intended to be a family rest house but the owners were forced to open it to the public earlier this year after people from places as far as General Santos and Surigao City came in droves wanting to witness the sea of clouds here.

The place is pretty small for a resort but knowing the background on how it started we can’t really blame the owner. But they are doing everything they can to expand the viewing deck, organize the parking area, offer food and private rooms in order to accommodate their growing patrons.

Pack your bags but also make sure you bring a lot of patience too. Due its small size, the viewing deck can get a bit crowded. But with the right angle, you will get that perfect Instagram worthy shot.

Sonnen Berg Entrance Fee

If you just want to watch the sea of clouds, the entrance fee is 50 pesos per head. But if you would like to stay a little bit longer, the have rooms for overnight stay.

They offer a private room for P1,000 for two persons. And a bigger room for 4-6 people for P2,500.

The rooms do not have an en suite bathroom so be prepared to share it with others.

How to get to Sonnen Berg

Sonnen Berg is just an hour and 30 minutes away from Davao City.

If you have a car, you can easily locate it using google map.

It is right along the highway and once you reach Sitio Crossing in Marilog you’ll see a huge Sonnen Berg sign on your left. Take the road going to the top and you should find the entrance.

You should be able to park your car there but if the parking lot is full there are spaces beside the highway where you can park.

If you are taking a bus, get on a bus bound for Cagayan de Oro City in Ecoland Bus Terminal. Inform the driver that you are headed for Sonnen Berg in S Crossing, Marilog–they should know where this is.

We took a 5 stop aircon bus on our way to Sonnen Berg and it cost us 187 pesos each. You should be a able to get a cheaper fare if you opt for the regular non-aircon buses.

If you are on a budget–ride a jeep, total fare is 80 pesos via Calinan. We suggest you take this route on your way back to Davao City since buses seldom stop in Marilog.

From Sonnen Berg, take a jeep to Calinan for 35 pesos per person. Once you are in Calinan, you can opt to have a day tour in Malagos Garden Resort and Philippine Eagle Center.

From Calinan, take an L300 Van to Davao City for 45 pesos.

Take note however that if you are commuting, there is a 5 minute uphill walk from the highway to Sonnen Berg Entrance.

If you do not want to go through all the hassle, motorbikes are waiting at the foot of Sonnen Berg and they charge 10 pesos per person.

Where to eat in Sonnen Berg

They offer breakfast food for P120 which is fair enough considering that you are in the middle of no where.

But a pro #Barato tip is to ask a motorcycle driver for directions for Sitio Balete. There you can find H2N restaurant on your right from the highway.

Here you will get a meal for as little as 25 pesos. Yum!

You can also opt to go to BEMWA farm which is an hour away from Sonnen Berg for some food and fresh produce.


Awesome view, good weather, and #Barato prices. Sonnen Berg Mountain View is #BaratoRecommended.

How was your experience in Sonnen Berg Mountain View? Let us know in the comments below.

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