RBG Xplode | Explosion of Flavors at RBG Bar & Grill

Prepare your mouth to a feast of delicious spiciness at Park Inn Davao’s RBG Xplode — an explosion of flavors at RBG Bar and Grill. Park Inn Davao by Radisson is serving this hot treat to all Davawenyos from July 14 to 31, 2018.

rbg xplode

RBG Xplode

A quick disclaimer, RBG Xplode is not for the faint hearted but if you are a spicy food lover like us then RBG Xplode is perfect for your palate.

rbg xplode

We came up with this innovative food promotion to give our diners an exciting meal. RBG Xplode is not just about being spicy but it is more of giving spice a unique taste” says Emelyn Rosales, General Manager.

rbg xplode

With a mix of 3 locally grown chilis like labuyo, habanero, and cherry bomb.

You will be treated to a unique combination of flavors that is sure to excite your senses in every bite.

3 Chili Pizza

Just the sight of this pizza is enough to let you know that this is a spicy one.

Take a look at all that chili staring back at you!

Needless to say, this is one spicy pizza.

But one that is delicious too!

The spice is tolerable and blends well in your mouth giving you a swirl of different layers of flavor in every bite.

I never knew that chilis could have this much depth in flavor!

rbg xplode

Burger Bar with 3 Spicy Sauces

Oh boy, don’t let these festive colors fool you!

These burger sliders are just the right size to fill you up with just the right spice to perk up your senses.

Garlic Fries

No burger meal is complete with some fries on the side.

rbg xplode

Strawberry Wasabi, Chocolate Labuyo and Cinnamon Donuts

Nope that is not an typo error, we got that right — even the donuts are spicy.

So be cautions before downing that sweet innocent looking little donut. 😉

RBG Xplode Price

The entire set comes with a round of Lychee Iced Tea for a price of Php 1,499.00 net per set.

RBG Xplode

But you can have this for free if you and 3 other friends (a total of 4 persons) can finish the whole set meal within 3 minutes.

If you can not finish it on time you will still get a 10% discount on your next A la carte order.

Don’t miss these spicy wings and their nachos — it’s a bomb!rbg xplode


RBG Bar and Grill is located in Park Inn Davao just behind SM Lanang Premier.


A unique take on spice and irresistible taste makes RBG Xplode #BaratoRecommended.

How was your experience in RBG Xplode?

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