Maxi Mango | Mango Madness in Davao City

If you love mango, you will love Maxi Mango! This cute pop-up store is becoming a ubiquitous staple on every food fest. It is so good that it got the entire Davao City raving about it all over social media. But what exactly is Maxi Mango and how much is it?

Maxi Mango Menu

Maxi Mango sells mango ice cream. I know it could not get any obvious than that. But the ones they have are the classic sweet and slightly tangy mango that we adore in the Philippines. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to support local. 🙂

Maxi Mango

This soft serve mango ice cream is topped with fresh mango. Simple yet yummy!

We still can’t get over the fact that they have a strong ice cream game. The soft serve ice cream is rich, thick, creamy, and bursts with mango flavor. Maxi Mango is very reminiscent of the mango ice cream we used to have as a child on those warm summer afternoon. Refreshing and delightful! Ohhh yes…

Mango Float Ice Cream

Mango float is everybody’s favorite and Maxi Mango found a way to give it a new twist. It is a twirl of their mango soft serve, topped with graham crumbs, diced mango, and cream.

It is a great way to beat the scorching summer heat. Too bad we weren’t able to try it because of the long lines but our trusted friends all approve of this. We will surely get one in our next visit!

Mango Shake and Juice

The Mango Juice is light and refreshing. It doesn’t hurt that it is topped with the best mango soft serve ice cream from Maxi Mango–really we can’t complain.

Maxi Mango Price

Below are the prices and sizes of your favorite Maxi Mango.


Maxi Mango is everywhere! Kidding aside, they are almost everywhere. They have pop-up stores in major food fests like Damosa Food Park and a stall in Boxed Up Davao. You can also find Maxi Mango pop-up stores in malls like SM Lanang Premier, SM Davao City in Ecoland and the one we visited is in Abreeza Mall.

You can find them in between H&M and Penshoppe in Abreeza. Just look for the stall with a lot of people and that’s it! We even had a hard time trying to get a decent photo since there were a lot of people.


Most Filipinos love mango, no wonder Maxi Mango became such a hit! The best part about Maxi Mango is definitely the mango ice cream. It was so good that people are lining up for it on every food stall.

The Maxi Mango is definitely worth waiting in line for. The ice cream was so good, it was gone in seconds!

On a hot summer day, having a great mango ice cream for Php49 is a blessing. Maxi Mango is #BaratoRecommended.

How was your experience with Maxi Mango? Let us know in the comments below.

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