AH YAT | High Tech Rotating Buffet in Davao

AH YAT | High Tech Rotating Buffet in Davao

Want to have a unique buffet experience in Davao? Try Ah Yat Shabu-shabu Rotary Buffet!

AH YAT Buffet in Davao

Admit it, you get embarrassed every time you walk your way to the buffet station. The fear of getting judged and the shame you feel deep inside of you because you know it’s your 7th refill. Don’t worry because here in Ah Yat the food will come to you — literally! 🤣

Ah Yat Shabu-Shabu Rotary Buffet in Davao

Ah Yat prides itself as the first conveyor belt buffet experience in Davao. We often pass by their restaurant but we never knew this gem was right under our nose the whole time!

AH YAT Buffet in Davao

The conveyor belt set-up is pretty easy to use and first-timer friendly. Just wait for the food you like to pass by your table and grab the ones you want to cook in your shabu-shabu hotpot. EASY!

AH YAT Buffet in Davao

Ah Yat Buffet Menu

They offer unlimited shrimp, US beef, and pork. We highly recommend their meat slices because they cut them so thinly it gets done in a few seconds on your hotpot.

Aside from the great meat selection they also have good BALLS. Meatballs rather, such as shrimp balls, pork balls, beef balls, chicken balls plus our favorite Sea Urchin Balls.

AH YAT Buffet in Davao

A shabu-shabu experience is not complete without vegetables and some noodles. So get yourself a handful of leafy greens, a bit of tofu, some noodles to soak up all those wonderful flavors in your soup, and don’t forget to add a lot of mushrooms! We love enoki mushrooms in our shabu-shabu and we are so glad that they’ve got loads of it in Ah Yat.

Shabu-shabu experience in Ah Yat

Each table is equipped with four (4) shabu-shabu hotpot with individual controls at the side. You can cook your own hotpot, so no need to share with your friends in case you are allergic to shrimp or can’t eat pork.

AH YAT Buffet in Davao

Before your meal starts the waiters will ask you what type of soup base you’d like to have on your shabu-shabu. You can choose between vegetable, pork, or Szechuan.

AH YAT Buffet in Davao

To further enhance your shabu-shabu experience, make sure to mix your own dipping sauce. The owner recommended a mix of rice vinegar, wansoy, onions, garlic, and chili but we added a little bit of sate in our mix and it was delish!

Buffet Inclusions

Not in the mood to cook? No worries, Ah Yat also has a buffet area with ready to eat meals. This includes unlimited drinks and desserts plus they also have a SOFT SERVE ICE CREAM MACHINE! The child in us is screaming when we saw this. 😋

AH YAT Buffet in Davao

If you are coming with a group, you can use their VIP rooms at no extra charge for groups of 8-10 pax. They also have a bigger one for larger groups up to 20 pax.

Ah Yat Buffet Price

P499/head Conveyor Belt Shabu-Shabu and Buffet
P288/head Buffet Only (no conveyor belt)
P299/kids 4ft to 4.6ft
P199/kids 3ft to 4ft

AH YAT Buffet in Davao

Ah Yat Location and Business Hours

Ah Yat Shabu-Shabu Rotary Buffet is located at F. Torres st., Davao City beside Starbucks Torres. They are open every day at 11am-2pm for lunch and 5:30-10pm for dinner.

AH YAT Buffet in Davao

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